WordBrain 2 by May Interactive Review

Wordbrain 2

Created by Mag Interactive http://maginteractive.com/, WordBrain is a word puzzle game meant for true word geniuses. While it starts out very easy, it gets challenging pretty fast. Its theme is a fun way to make your brain think. To exercise your brain and find hidden words, you need to slide your finger over them and the letters will collapse. Even as you get stuck on some levels you should know that there are no levels that cannot be solved. It’s, therefore, important to think well before sliding your finger. This will help you conquer the ultimate challenge while also exercising your brain.

How to get started in this game

This game is like many other word games. The only difference is the way it’s being played. This because the moment you start playing it things gets hard quite fast meaning you can find yourself scratching your head at all levels. The concept of the game is very easy you just need to swipe your finger up down, right, left and diagonally to find the right words to use. The initial levels contain 2 by 2 grids while the highest level has 7 by 7. However, if you do not find the solution fast, there are hints that you can use to help you. You can also buy additional hints from the store or find answers from http://www.wordbrainsolutions.com/wordbrain-2-answers/

Each theme set of the game has categories that contain around 5 levels each which you must finish before moving on to the next. Currently, it has 29 theme sets with over 500 levels and 77 themes. The game starts in a simple manner as you work your way to take on more challenging puzzles. Currently, it can be found 15 languages and about 700 levels per language. This means that even the smartest gamer will face a real challenge when it comes to completing the game. As matter of fact, only a few people have managed to complete the game. The theme of the game includes everything from jewelry to travel to food

Who is to play the game?

While this game is for those who enjoy word game and like casual puzzles, it’s not meant for those who dislike word games and those who prefer to play action adventure.

What’s good about WordBrain 2

WordBrain 2 is a good puzzle that doesn’t bore a gamer at any level. This is because of the swift changes at every level. More so, the game is very effective and light and there is nothing like heavy graphics used

What’s not good about it?

In this game, you must be prepared to buy the hints if you are stuck along the way. This is because you can only get hints once you have finished a level. It’s, therefore, important to think carefully and use your brain well

Similar games

Some of the games similar to WordBRain include WordAlot, Portion Pop, Ruzzle, among others.

Wrap up

As long as you are playing along, WordBrain 2 is genuinely a fun game. If you want to engage your brain, do not miss this amazing game. You will definitely not regret since you will fully enjoy yourself.

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