Mobile Game Trends: staying on point

In the recent past there has been an emergence of a great number of mobile games that have really caught the attention of mobile device users worldwide. These games have brought along the convenience of playing your favorite games anywhere and whichever time you want from your smartphone unlike the old days where you could only play these games from your computer. You will find that most people have taken playing games on their smartphones as a pastime activity mostly when they are travelling or taking breaks from their busy schedules. In turn the mobile game developers are working tirelessly in creating new appealing games to meet the entertainment demand from smartphone users. Given below is a list of the irresistible mobile games that are popular among the smart devices users.


If you have been a great fan of the indie classics 868-HACK and Helix invented by Michael Brough there are still better things for you to come. He brings you yet another exciting game, Imbroglio, which is rocking the mobile games world. This time round, Brough terms this game as the cousin to the thrilling 868 –HACK. In this game you will be striving to survive in an unstable muddle amidst of malicious monsters and precious gemstones. To win the battle you will need to get a hero that is loaded with special powers and unusual weapons who will give you the ability to emerge the winner.

Assassin's-CreedAssassin’s Creed Game

Gameloft gives the android device users a wonderful opportunity to play the complete Assassin’s creed game on their smart devices. This may sound like some unbelievable news but once you visit Google Play debut you will get rolling with this game immediately. It will involve you playing Altair who is a dishonored Chief Assassin sent on a mission to execute 8 men to make it possible for him to bring an end to the Third Crusade that is causing a turmoil in the Holy Land. The set-up of this game is quite innovative and it gets you into a chaotic action that keeps you super excited.


This is an exceptional mobile game created by the Butterscotch Studios to give the android users a new experience in the mobile game entertainment. The epic story of this game is brought along in a set up where there exists some hidden magic and technology. You will get to play the track driver who doesn’t manage to deliver their shipping due to the interruption from a stranger seeking to find high tech from the ship. To stay on top of the game you will have to take rule and fight your way into contacting the shipping bureau to have the parcels delivered successfully.

Under the SunUnder the Sun

If you love playing the puzzle games on your android device there is yet another chance for you to enjoy solving exclusive puzzles in another level. One thing that you must love in this game is that you will not only get entertained but it will also refresh and stimulate your mind to operate better. The game is set in a way to make you explore this complex puzzle that gets you promoted to the next level every time you complete the previous one successfully. The environment you are in should guide you on how to handle the puzzle and how many moves you are supposed to make.

Rush Rally 2Rush Rally 2

Do you get crazy when you watch Rally Racing on the TV? Imagine how it feels being part of the rally. If you found the previous Rush Rally mobile game thrilling then you are in for more fun. The current Rush Rally 2 game is one of a kind because it gives you a real racing experience while running at 60FPS. Moreover, the main thing of this game is that it gives you the ability to race in a large number of conditions; day, night, rainy and snowy weather and also through several countries and stages.

Heaven Strike RivalsHeaven Strike Rivals

Square Enix is a game developer that never goes wrong and this time round he brings the enthusiastic mobile phone gamers an exotic game that has become quite trendy in the mobile games circles. It features well organized battles and wholly animated units. In this game you will play as the hero that is set to save the 7 sisters of Lunnain that need your help.

With all these incredible games that are becoming popular in the mobile world there has risen some mobile game trends like a change of the marketing strategies and focus on social integration. They keep the mobile game developer on the game in the middle of the ongoing tough competition.

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