My name is Matt Williams and currently a freelance writer. I hold a bachelor’s degree in English literature. This has given me the background needed to be a successful writer. I write for blogs, article and even academic papers. I also proofread already written work to improve its quality.
I began my career as an English teacher at a prestigious school close to my home. After working there for some time, I came to realize the mistakes that people make on articles online not to mention the poor English that they wrote. This marked the beginning of my journey as a freelance writer. It began as a passion and culminated as a source of livelihood.
My career objectives are directed towards enlightening people on different topics and creating a better world with better literary skills.
I have previously worked on various writers’ platforms and quite frankly I never disappointed my clients. These platforms offered me an excellent opportunity of exploring my potential in this field. It is through them that I perfected my research and writing skills.
Currently, I have begun my firm, where I receive orders from all over the world on different topics. Other than monetary gain, it pleasures me to have been of great help to them.
I am self-motivated and dedicated to producing the best out of a script. I only won’t hesitate to ensure that your paper is in perfect shape. This has and will always be my motto.
Aside from work, I am a strong believer in hard work, respect and honesty. I am also a member of several writers’ organizations which among two of them I hold senior positions.
My hobbies are research, reading and networking. These hobbies I believe have played a significant role in my career line. I have able to enlarge my social circle and also helped others using my expertise in literature.